because i must

I don’t want, or need, anything for Christmas. But it’s tradition I put together a little wishlist because it’s just so fun to window shop and collage. Here are some things I wouldn’t mind opening up in a few days.


On the list:

  • A long, comfy belted sweater goes with everything
  • I could use a pretty pill case, and this one from Etsy is adorable
  • I love this cool ombre statement necklace, found on Etsy
  • A Vitamix blender (cuz I’m dreaming here, right?)
  • I’d like some awesome floral leggings or tights to wear under all my skirts/dresses this winter
  • A classic chambray shirt would go with lots of things in my closet
  • I am looking for a nice pair of animal-friendly (non-leather) ankle boots
  • This pretty butterfly pillow would look great on our bed
  • I’d wear a vintage mood ring all the time
  • These cute stuffed foxes are so fun
  • iTunes giftcards are always good
  • A graphic iPhone case would make my fav gadget prettier

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