I’ve been away. Life. Great 4-day weekend was chaos at my house. Class is wrapping up. Work is busy. Might need to just do more lists on the blog to keep myself writing about something. Sometimes I don’t write because I’m uninspired and sometimes I am too inspired so can’t sort it out and compartmentalize it appropriately. I’ll attempt to sort it later. Here’s what I’m into lately.

  • Investing some time in my Next Bold Move.
  • Essential oils. Patchouli and lavender most of all.
  • Tiny notebook for planning.
  • Hallelujah, every version. Makes me cry every.time.
  • Red lipstick & black nail polish.
  • It’s bball season. We don’t have cable and I don’t like being in buffalo-wing joints. What’s a girl to do.
  • Naked-face Sunday.
  • Thinking about re-reading my favs from school-daze like The Outsiders and Animal Farm.
  • ..and I should get up earlier for workouts.
  • ..and I should find new music but I just can’t stop overplaying old favs.
  • ..and I need some like-minded people in my life. How does one meet new people?
  • Coloring pictures with my 4 year old niece + slipping in some feminist indoctrination. It’s never too early.
  • Manhattan.. the Woody Allen flick.
  • Secrets up my sleeve. Tehehe.
  • Words w/ Friends.
  • Zumba. It’s ridiculous, but it’s something to look forward to on a Monday.
  • Grapefruits.
  • Glitter + candlelight. {lurve the holidays at my house, so cozy}
  • Procrastinating Ops Management homework.
  • Into cuddling. Why did we ever stop that?
  • Believing in karma.
  • Coffee, anytime. Tea, sometimes.

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