seven year switch.

Our seven year anniversary was last month, and our gift to ourselves was a new bedroom set. I really loved our mishmash of random furnishings before, but the bed was so uncomfortable we were sleeping on the couch! We finally decided to spring for the whole shebang, and I love it. It makes me feel like such a grown-up, having real furniture.

It’s a king-sized bed, so it definitely fills the space in the room much better than our previous queen. And because the furniture is black – husband’s choice, but I really like it – I went crazy with bedding options til I landed on this bedspread from Target. It’s called Persian Fan, I think. The warm color really helps make the room cozy.. all the earthy-tones weren’t working.

The captain’s bed is a really awesome feature. The drawer space is awesome. My husband keeps all of his clothes in the drawers in the bed. And I keep mine in the dresser.

It’s so spacious! I have an entire drawer just for socks and tights. See?:

Here’s the dresser top close-up and some favorite knick knacks. I got that box at the store we purchased the furniture (a local place). The lamp was my Christmas present the first Christmas we were married. The print is of a painting a local artist did that I bought at my local Art Fest a couple summers ago. And the TV… came free with the mattress purchase. I know, so random. We haven’t used it yet because we don’t have cable.

This mirror was once black but I sprayed it ivory to give it a bit more contrast on the wall. All my necklaces hang here.

Here’s a view from the other side of the room. This is a better photo to show the color of the bedspread. It’s a light reddish/coral color. It’s a weird choice with the teal wall, but I really really love it. It’s unexpected and dramatic, but still lightens up the room a bit.

I still plan to hang some more things on the wall and get a few throw pillows with teal in them to tie the bedding to the room together a little better. But for now it’s totally cozy and ready for fall. Kinda like my closet..

..which I fall-ified this afternoon {took off early from work due to feeling under the weather} in addition to finally getting around to working on pictures and a post on the new room switcharoo.


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