tv style inspiration – pretty little liars

Do you ever watch television shows or movies exclusively because the style or sets are inspirational? I have to admit I was sucked into Gossip Girl for a while just for Blair’s headband collection alone. I recently started watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix because a blog I was reading mentioned the fashion a couple times, and I decided to check out the pilot. And then I got completely sucked in.. to not just the fashion, but the interior decor of the homes on the show – and, ok, the actual plot line is pretty damn good, too. Does anyone watch this? It’s completely addictive.

I have a mini-obsession with one of the characters, Aria, played by Lucy Hale. She’s the artsy, literary, and very grown up one of the group. (Don’t you miss teen fiction? Everyone had a stereotype. That gave me several identity crises as a young girl.) Aria’s got an edgy but boho vibe in her style, in both her bedroom, and her wardrobe. I covet it all. I feel like it’s what my style could be if I refined it and focused it a bit.. which I am trying to do. Jewel tones, texture, artsy details. A propensity for boots and funky tights and big earrings. Her style has totally got me amped for fall layers.

{Image source.}

I whipped up this style board to dissect her style, pulling out some of the hackable details.

A pretty, mulberry hued dress, patterned tights, and motorcycle boots are the basis of the look. She wears great jackets (I LOVE jackets). And of course, really great, statement-making jewelry. She mixes feminine/Victorian styles with edgy/spiky styles. Dark nails are a must, too. I love black nails (rocking it right now), but burgundy would be a nice, and probably more office-appropriate choice.

I also wear a lot of black, like Aria. But I love how she mixes neutrals for a look that’s moody without being too rocker, too bad-ass, too gothic. Her style is completely attainable, because it’s not trendy or designer (or.. it doesn’t have to be). Lots of vintage/thrifted pieces can be incorporated and mixed with diy and affordable bold jewelry. Unlike the other styles on the show (which are also pretty awesome) Aria’s perfect for remixing pieces in lots of ways.

I’m also inspired by Aria’s pretty bedroom.

It’s very much similar to her clothing style.. and every time there’s a scene in her bedroom I scope the details. That framed butterfly inspired my butterfly art project. I love the pretty layered details like that about this room. Don’t you think styling a television or movie set would be the BEST JOB EVER?

What’s inspiring you lately?


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