back with a mac//catching up//random thoughts

Well, friends, I am back. After making a valiant but fruitless effort to replace the hard drive in my old Dell laptop, then considering the option to get another cheap PC to hold me over until I get what I really wanted, I just went for it and got myself a MacBook Pro. It’s taking some getting used to, but I know I’ll just love it! If anyone’s got tips for me, please send em’. I’m learning the WordPress photo uploader is a total no-worky with Safari (Apple’s browser) and I’m resorting back to Firefox. Sheesh! First World Problems, eh?

I missed a Practically Free Friday post and I know how sad you all are about it (hehe) so I’ll be back with two next week. I’ve actually been doing lots of fun projects since I’m on a break between classes (start back up August 13).

I can’t believe it’s August already. I know, I said the same thing about July. July 1 I started a kinda new job (my Government contract is in the hands of a new company). I’ve been busy getting a handle on my new and ever-growing list of work-tasks. I am just NOT good at handling work-stress. I overeat, under-sleep, don’t hit the gym, and drink too much wine. Subsequently I have felt like utter crap for weeks (duh) and the fit of my jeans tells me it’s time for damage control in the form of good ol’ healthy eating, yoga and gym time.

Which reminds me (hijacking my own post – awesome!) – if I started a blog of the healthy eating, fitnessy and natural hippy-dippy home remedy variety would you read it?

Welp, here’s what else I’ve been up to {Instagram is the laziest best way to document life, amIright?)

Finally! A long overdue date night this weekend!

@ City Creek in SLC. Just liked this shot.

My friend Matt is moving to the UK and he bestowed his paint stash on me – Whoop! Here’s my now quadrupled, co-mingled collection. Um, can I take a week off of work? I think I need a paintcation.

My sister-in-law planted my beet seeds {I ran out of room}. Look how pretty they are!! I am having lots of fun making weird garden-inspired meals. Today we are having these beet burgers from Post Punk Kitchen. I made them yesterday, doubled the recipe, and had 8 burgers to freeze. They look and smell delicious!

How cute are these dolls (@ Target!)? I want one!! But I got it for my niece instead.

Happy Sunday!


3 thoughts on “back with a mac//catching up//random thoughts”

  1. I would totally read it! But why start a new blog for it? I think those posts would fit in just fine on this one. I’ve learned from the 3 or 4 other blogs that I’ve started that I’m not good at keeping up with two blogs, but that’s just my experience. Anyway, whether it’s here or there, I’d love to read those posts!

    1. Yay!

      My thoughts re a second blog is I’d want to lock the other one down to lurkers because it would be more personal. While I’m ok with posting some general goals/accomplishments on this blog, I don’t want to share the minutea of my calorie intake, progress pics or weight/measurements here because it feels creepy, esp knowing who stalks this blog (and thinks I don’t know.. it’s really changed what I feel comfortable sharing). Some posts could probably be published at both locations but anything personal wouldn’t be posted here.

      I do worry about the upkeep of multiple blogs. I’ll have to give it some thought. I already feel I spread myself too thin in terms of self-inflicted to-dos. But at the same time I think it would be FUN. It’s easy to get excited about that kind of stuff but the hard part is staying excited about it, and I think blogging about it would make it more fun.. Just some thoughts. I appreciate your loyalty as always, my dear!!

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