practically free friday #13 – make a terrarium

Last weekend I was browsing the garden center at a home improvement mega store and found the coolest thing! Tiles of succulent ground cover you can cut into shapes.

There’s something magical-looking about this ground cover to me. Jonathan said it looks like it should cover the side of a Hobbit house. Maybe that’s it. Same as pretty moss and ferns, I just love the look of this.

I think it’s made for the space between stepping stones on a patio, but I had to buy it for another project – to put it in a low-maintenance hanging basket on my deck. I simply filled a coconut skin lined patio hanging basket with potting soil, then cut the tile to fit {cutting a few small slices to fit around the edges}.

This cost me wayyyy less than buying a hanging basket that’s pre-made, and it much easier to care for. Succulents are nearly fool-proof. They withstand heat and cool, low water and too much water {though too much water too often will eventually take it’s toll}. I put this together last Sunday and 5 days of 100 degree temps, it still looks just as pretty.

But this post isn’t about the hanging basket – it’s about how I used the leftovers {the little random pieces of tile leftover}. I decided it would be perfect to put into a pretty terrarium – which I’ve been meaning to make anyway. I gathered up the glass vessels and pots I could find in my basement, a bag of potting soil, and made 5 small terrariums. They are lovely!

This one now sits at my desk at work, and I gave one to my co-worker. The other potted succulents are placed in the sunless areas of my house where only succulents thrive. I love live plants in every room!

Since this was leftover material and containers I already had, the project was free, and I enjoy them as much, if not more, as the basket I hung on the deck! Gotta love coming up with a way to use the excess.

This project kicks off my full weekend of plant-appreciation. Tomorrow is the Ogden Valley Garden Tour and my local farmer’s market opens {finally!}. Happy weekend everyone!


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