practically free friday #10 – mega cheap facial

I didn’t have a free hour this entire week, so I didn’t have time for a project this week, but one free thing I did fit in {and do nearly every week} is do a free, natural facial. The night before my birthday I decided I needed to slough off some aging and decided to do a post about it to share with anyone else who may need a quick skin brightener for summertime.

I learned this trick from Kandee Johnson – here’s her cheeseball Bill Nye-esque video tutorial {but seriously you don’t need a tutorial – she’s just adorbs though}.

Simply squeeze a little lemon on a cotton ball, pat water on your face, scrub a little sugar onto your face, then massage with the lemon cotton ball! Rinse off and your done. It lightens age spots and freckles and makes your skin clean and soft. It’s my fav, all natural and practically free!



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