30 in 365

Back in February 2010 I wrote up a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. And as today marks exactly one year til my 30th, I thought I would take a look back at my list and check my progress, and also make a few tweaks to my original list {and write a really wordy post to do it}.

I know, I know. It might seem like cheating to change up the list, but the reason for it is priorities change. Two years ago my goals were slightly different and that means a couple things on the list are irrelevant. And some were, at the time, things I wanted to do just to say I did, but after staring at the list for the past couple of years I know my time can be better spent focusing on some different things I REALLY want to make time for. Which means, some of the items on the list are getting traded out for some new to-dos and it’s my list so get over it.

So, here’s a rundown of my progress and future plans for my last year in my 20s {sniff!}:

These are DONE:

  • Vacation somewhere tropical. {Woop! Hawaii!}
  • Host a girl’s night in {Actually did three of these with three different groups!.:)}
  • Make that bikini body happen. {I’m counting it because I wore one in public, haha}
  • Get totally glammed up and go dancing and clubbing allll night. {couple times in Vegas}
  • Attempt snowboarding.
  • Buy a piece of art from a local artist.
  • Take a dance class. {I took belly dancing for a few months – want to do it again!}
  • Go on a mega hot date – red lipstick required. {Vegas for JB’s 30th!}
  • Go ice-skating.
  • Take a day off of work, drive somewhere remote and take photos.
  • Get a massage.

These are getting bumped off the list:

  • Go snow-shoeing. {I hate snow. Snow is dumb. Maybe I’ll try this one day, but won’t go out of my way to do so!}
  • Get a tattoo. {Maybe on my next list, but I’m still undecided on this one for now. I am pro-tattoo for sure but I don’t know that it’s something I want to do just to cross off a list. I need to be inspired and not have a deadline.}
  • Get a freelance writing/design gig going on the side, if just on a really small scale. Which means… a plan, a website and some promoting. {Writing is no longer a life goal of mine. Bigger and better things? Maybe.}
  • Learn to knit. {Maybe this will be on my next list but I don’t have the attention span for this right now}.
  • Go to a wine-tasting. {I gave up drinking so this no longer interests me!}
  • Purchase a really great article of designer clothing, or a pair of shoes. Even if it’s from Ebay. Even if I have to ration food to pay for it. {Don’t get me wrong – this still sounds awesome. But it’s pretty unimportant to me at the moment. I actually have tried to knock this one out from the list several times only to feel like an ugly over-consumer!}

The rest of the {numbered} items below are yet to do or yet to finish.

These are in progress/on track:

  1. Finish my Master’s Degree {I have 5 classes left. If all goes as planned I will be done by December of this year!!}
  2. Pay off my student loans {I’m sooo close. I should have them paid off this summer!!}
  3. Grow my hair out as long as possible.
  4. Strive to find my style. Don’t purchase things I only *kind of* like. Buy things that are awesome. Make things. Thrift things and fix them up.  {this is always in progress I guess}
  5. Write my bucket list.

These are yet-to-do:

  1.  Do at least one volunteer project, if not something on-going.
  2. Go to a FANTASTIC music festival.
  3. Buy a fabulously girly head-to-toe outfit and plan a fabulous day wearing it.
  4. Hike to an overnight camping destination.
  5. Take a road trip.
  6. Go to New York.
  7. Find a charity to donate to yearly.
  8. Cook something that involves lighting it on fire.

THESE are the new items:

  1.  Master the Crow pose and Wheel pose in yoga. I know I’m capable with more practice.
  2. Visit Portland. It’s been on my list for a long time. Also, I was once told that if I were a city, I would be Portland. I don’t know what that means but if they had said I’d be Raleigh that’d be on my list instead.
  3. Build a piece of furniture. Not a revamp, but an actual follow-some-plans-and-make-it-myself.
  4. Attempt rock-climbing.
  5. Become more self-sustaining for the long-term. This is an ever-evolving project/goal, but I want to put a lot of energy into it over the next year: maintaining a garden, learning to can, improving my sewing, building, and baking skills, and possibly even raising chickens for eggs!}
  6. Create my own art. Not just crafty.. but actually paint something totally original.

19 of 30 yet to do {stay calm}, and it’s a pretty FULL year if I tackle them all. I admit it! But it’s worth attempting. I’m a huge advocate of planning BIG and at least making a dent, as opposed to not getting around to any of it because I didn’t make it a priority. That’s the point of this .. not to say 30 is the end of fun or some sort of deadline in my professional life. Hardly! I will just have a new list for the next phase of my life – never stop growing, planning, reaching, experiencing, learning, creating.

30 in 365..herewegoooo!


4 thoughts on “30 in 365”

  1. I love reading your lists. It makes me want to make one of my own, but it’s so crazy to think that mine would probably be before 40!! (I guess I could do 35.) Anyway, happy, happy birthday and here’s to a whole year of crossing stuff off your list!!

  2. I all for changing lists like this because we change. I did the 101 in 1001 list thing a few times and always felt bad for changing things but then, the second time around, I gave myself some slack and realized that I don’t want the same thing right now that I’m going to want in a year or more.

    1. Exactly! Something about putting it in writing makes it feel like a commitment, but we have to adapt. We only have so much time and attention, and it’s actually something I’m working on all the time, to narrow my focus. Sometimes I feel like I’m just throwing darts in every direction hoping some will stick. Lists help me focus better but even then we have to re-evaluate from time to time.

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