fitness-y goal update & some feet pics {you’ve been warned}

I realized today that the last 30 days have revolved around my feet. After running the half marathon, {how long’s she gonna milk that – I know right?} I was hobbling on an injured foot for about a week and a half. Even once I was through limping, I was still not able to run on the poor thing and was frequently thawing out frozen veggies on my foot for 15 minutes at a time.

Luckily with the race no longer looming over my head, I was able to get back to yoga guilt-free {yoga was once guilt-inducing? Yes – because it’s fitness I enjoy and how dare I enjoy working out while I need to be training?? That’s how my brain works.} I am so very out of practice with yoga but the thing I love about it, and have loved for the 10 years or so I’ve practiced {with various levels of commitment} is there’s not need to be competitive. Even with yourself. You can have goals, but it’s truly not about the perfection of it. I love that.

Back to my feet.

I skipped the Dirty Dash {which my brother-in-law ran in my place} so I got to watch him, and my husband, and the rest of my would-be team play in the mud from the sidelines. It was a blast. What a ridiculous thing everyone should do. My husband is the filthiest one, second row, second from the left.

Then last week this happened:

I stubbed my toe on a yellow lab, jumping over a beagle. Fer rills. It still hurts and actually looks worse 5 days later – swollen and weird. Husband thinks it could be broken. Anyone have broken toe experience? I did plank jacks on the poor bastard this evening and it doesn’t seem any worse than before {the during was excruciating when I wasn’t successful at favoring it..}

It’s so frustrating to be injured just enough I can’t do my normal ‘thang, and there’s always something, but I feel  like I’m at 80% now and ready to get back to it! I’ve got 9lbs to go {but more importantly I have lots of squishiness to firm up} and some damage control to do from my carb and ice cream free-for-all from the last couple of weeks. Plus, I bought a bikini for motivation.

So, here’s what my schedule’s going to look like for the next 4-6 weeks, barring more injuries {for my own planning/accountability purposes}:

  • Monday: Elliptical machine during lunch or run after work, 30 min// 6 Week 6 Pack {Jillian Michaels DVD} in the evening
  • Tuesday: Yoga class
  • Wednesday: Elliptical machine during lunch or run after work, 30 min// 6 Week 6 Pack {Jillian Michaels DVD} in the evening
  • Thursday: Walk dogs in the AM, 30 min. // Yoga class
  • Friday: 6 Week 6 Pack {Jillian Michaels DVD}// 6 Week 6 Pack {Jillian Michaels DVD}
  • Saturday: Hike, walk, bike, dancing, etc – something fun and different.
  • Sunday: Jog with the dogs in the AM, 30 min. // 6 Week 6 Pack {Jillian Michaels DVD}

I’ll try to review 6 Week 6 Pack at the end of the program. I started it tonight and I loved it and hated it, and I’m hopeful for some toning results. There’s more to it than abs, so it’s a good total-body workout that focuses mostly on core, which is my trouble spot hands-down. Friggin’ apple shape, anyway.

I’m also back to using MyFitnessPal again – username is kbuelo if anyone else is on and wants to add me. I share my food diary with the world so if you’re into my over-sharing, and you just read a post about my feet so clearly you are -haha – I’m your motivation buddy!

What’s everyone else up to fitness-wise?


2 thoughts on “fitness-y goal update & some feet pics {you’ve been warned}”

  1. Oh Jillian Michaels, how I love to hate you. Her DVDs work though, at least as far as I can tell, even if they make yell obscenities at the tv.

    Hope your toe is feeling better by now! All I know about broken toes is there’s really nothing they can do for them since the bone is so little. Poor little things.

    1. Thanks, girl! It’s already better so I assume that means it wasn’t a break.. although I still feel it when I run! Sheesh!

      Jillian Michaels is my shero – something about her is so inspiring. Even when I want to, I can’t hate her!.. yell obscenities, yes!

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