practically free friday #9 – a t-shirt scarf

No-sew projects with old t-shirts are my favorite. I decided to hack someone else’s hack for a fast and fun project this week. It’s not my first t-shirt scarf, but it’s very different than the last one I made {and still love!}.  Here’s the original:

I wanted to use a few colors in mine, however, so I grabbed three {donation pile} shirts I thought made a nice color combo:

Then starting at the bottom, chopped off inch-wide {approximately} slices.

Then, just pulllll the loops so they stretch and curl in on themselves, like so:

Save two loops from the bunch, and gather the rest, matching up the seams. Cut one of the loops at the seam to loop and tie around the entire lot of loops, covering the seam. Do the same thing covering the other seam.


I like mine all messy, and I am considering braiding some of the loops together and make even adding some lace pieces and a brooch to go a little more mixed-media. Either way, fun-fun, fast, free.


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