Glitter TOMS

I recently scored a bunch of Amazon credit for selling them some of my textbooks and thought it was the perfect way to splurge on a long time want list item – some glittery TOMS shoes. These ones, specifically:

I’ve been eying these for a long time. If you don’t know the story behind TOMS, it’s pretty rad. For every pair purchased, the company donates a pair to a child in need. One for one, around the world. I try to support companies I believe in as much as possible, so that is big for me.

So – how do you wear them, when you’re pushing 30 and work an office job? Because it’s my idea of a good time to compile ideas while I veg out in front of a movie, here are some ways I came up with to rock some glittery TOMS.

1. Business casual-casual. My office  is pretty lenient about the dress code, so it’s not a stretch to wear slacks with a funky tee, shoes and jewelry.

2. Business casual. I think I could step it up slightly with a pencil skirt and still wear TOMS. Thoughts?

3. On a date or girl’s day. Rolled jeans look really cute with TOMS.

4. With shorts. This is a really casual road trip look. I don’t know how likely I am to wear them with shorts {I love my flip flops} but I think it looks pretty fun.

5. To the gym. I go to my Finance class directly after yoga on Tuesday nights and always feel like such a slob. Some cute glittery shoes and a summertime hoodie over my attire would be a big improvement.

Thoughts on TOMS – do you own any and how do you/would you wear them?


2 thoughts on “Glitter TOMS”

  1. TOMS have been on my want list for a while. I really just need to make time to figure out what size I wear and then order some because they look so cute and I’m told they’re super comfortable and I love a company with good business sense AND a solid do-good attitude.

    1. Today is the first day I’ve worn them out of the house (casual Friday) and they get a LOT of attention! I’m actually a little self conscious of the glitter, but they are so fun, and very comfortable. I bought a half size up, because I’ve heard they run a little small, and I’m glad I did. They fit like a glove and almost mold to your feet, but with enough give they don’t feel constrictive. Really a fan of these shoes so far!!

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