practically free friday #7 – makeover a light fixture with spray paint

Ahh, nothing like checking something off the gigantic to-do list. Getting started is 99.987% of the battle sometimes.

So we had this dining room light fixture I didn’t love. Just a cheap builder-grade brushed nickel thingie that wasn’t offensive enough to scrap when I have better things to save up for. This is the best photo I have of it before – oops. (This photo was a year and three months ago – we didn’t own the house yet. So fun, seeing the changes.)

Anyway, it wasn’t so horrible, but once all our stuff was in the house, the light silver color didn’t have the weight to balance the left side of the room. Maybe you can’t tell from this photo, where a gigantic leather love seat is weighing down the left of this view, but to me, the light fixture really just disappeared. (This photo is from a year ago- I’m such a half-assed blogger!)

So, I used my new favorite product evah, Rustoleum Universal spray paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze, to give this fixture some heft. I can’t say enough about this spray paint! It’s blackish bronze with shiny flecks that made the surface look perfectly covered. I think it was about $7 at Home Depot, and I didn’t use the entire can.

It looks not only brand new, but more upscale and custom, in my opinion. Plus, it nicely offsets the dark cabinets and counters on the right side of the room. Love it! Can’t wait to use this paint on a few more things around the house.

I’d completely planned to have a wider shot for this post, but that would require a bit of straightening up and we are headed to the mountains for the weekend in about 10 minutes!

So – I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Peace, love, shiny flecks. -K


2 thoughts on “practically free friday #7 – makeover a light fixture with spray paint”

    1. Ha, well I got the idea from the fixtures I wanted to buy that were $300+.. But.. I totally thought Sherry would be so proud of me. I love those guys and feel like I know them – is that totally creepy? 😉

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