buy nothing new for 60 days.. one month down!

We are over half way! How’s everyone doing.. or those of you who committed to 30, how did it go? I hope it’s been a fun experiment. As for me, I’m doing ok-ish. April started off strong! My first April paycheck went so far, I was able to throw some extra money on my student loans. I was saintly!

The second half of the month, however, things got a little crazy. Some (pretty minimal) travel expenses for my grandma’s funeral, some going-away parties for friends, a few gifts to buy.. life just happened.  I still didn’t spend on anything material for myself and that really softened the blow on those expenses. But there was more going out to eat and that really adds up. It’s been a great exercise in paying close attention to where that money really goes.

Sometimes, do you feel like you haven’t done ANYTHING for yourself lately yet still haven’t got much extra money? I sometimes do. This buy-nothing challenge makes every transaction a glaring neon event – $9 at a deli for lunch because you forget yours at home? Chipping in $20 for beer you didn’t even partake of for your buddies send-off? $50 gift cards for last-minute birthday gifts? Ouch ouch ouch. Keeping a really detailed budget is so good for me.

Monday night I hit my favorite thrift store and dropped $30 on a big bag of fun stuff. I want to actually do a post on some of the awesome stuff I bought, which I think I may do tomorrow if I get the time. I believe the haul was four shirts (two for work as-is and two for deconstruction purposes), a cardigan, one pair of pants, and two skirts. After I brought that stuff home I did a quick closet-cull, getting rid of about 30 things.

“Getting rid of” just means it was taken to the basement for later sorting. Later this month I am having a clothing swap! I think it will be a great way to end two months of frugality – by gathering up a few gals to swap unwanted clothing. Anything no one claims gets donated. Totally green and frugal and fun. Can’t wait to put the details together!

Hope everyone’s having fun with the challenge!


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