practically free friday #2 – bedskirt redo

I’m a fabric dye convert. Best stuff ever. This project was so easy, I can’t believe I didn’t do it a long time ago.

Here’s the before shot of our bed:

Nothing really wrong with it – in fact against the teal walls, I like nearly everything I throw in our bedroom! It’s sooo versatile, who knew? But with the duvet, bed skirt, and headboard pretty much the same color, it was kinda sorta blah. That bed skirt was a cheapo placeholder til I found one I really liked.

Enter RIT dye. I already had 10 or so packets in my craft closet, but if you went to buy it they are about $3 each. I used 1/2 packet of royal blue and 1 packet of violet to get this funky new bed skirt:

Every photo makes it look purple, but it’s really a bright periwinkle color. Totally unique! It brings out the periwinkle color in the quilt at the foot of the bed.

In case you are nervous, let me assure you that fabric dying is super easy and worth a try. Just follow the directions on the package – if you have a top loading washing machine it’s fast and convenient and mess-free.

Cost to me: $0.


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