I actually completed this 10-minute project nearly two months ago and forgot to blog about it til now. This is a SUPER easy way to temporarily make over a piece of furniture. This was my cute little desk pre-Chevron. I didn’t mind it as-is, but the poor thing kept getting scratched up from moving those file boxes in and out, or sliding a textbook across it. It was making me sad. I was planning to get a sheet of glass to protect the surface, but that ended up being a rather spendy solution.

So, I found some incredibly pretty, not-your-momma’s contact paper at Joann’s (40% off coupon, of course, making it all of $12.00). The brand is called Domestic Bliss Decor, but I can’t find a website for them. Just check Micheal’s and JoAnn’s. There were a few really stressful moments trying to match up the pattern on something that would stick to the surface or itself constantly. I now know this would be infinitely easier with a helper. Still, it only took a few minutes.

Fun, huh? The vertigo-inducing pattern probably defies eleven rules of fung-shui or OSHA standards or something, but I love it. I want to color in every white space with different colors of Sharpies one day because I’m insane like that.

And it’s 100% removable. I have lots left over, which I plan to use in the drawers of my made-over yellow desk, perhaps.


3 thoughts on “.zig.zag.”

    1. Well… you’ll notice it’s still not perfect. I gave up at close enough! It was enough to drive me insane had I spent any longer. 🙂

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