seed starting progress &// 60 day buy-nothing-new challenge starts today!

ImageSeed starting is so much fun! Why didn’t you guys tell me?

So here’s the deal with mine. I bought my seeds early, in February, from Seed Savers Exchange. They are certified heirloom, organic, non-GMO. Just as importantly, they are independent. If you want to know why this stuff matters, Google “Monsanto.” These seeds, unlike commercial seeds, can be saved from the produce and replanted next year, if you were so inclined. Very cool.

{PS, I obviously only started seeds that directed me to on the package. Many said sow directing into the ground. Not sure if that’s worth mentioning.}


I bought these Jiffy Greenhouses, for I think $6.99 each. I plan to eventually make my own up for future seedlings, but these are perfect for a beginner like me.


Just last weekend, I planted the seeds as directed on the package. I made markers out of Popsicle sticks.


I put both trays on my kitchen table where they get plenty of (non-direct) light.

{They stay covered, but this was just for photography purposes.}

Within DAYS (really. About 3 days) the kale was sprouting.

And now, a week later, the kale has outgrown the tray and everything else is just getting around to showing up. That’s the kale on the far end, and cauliflower is coming in a close second. Thank goodness for the markers: I can’t tell a difference between cauliflower and kale at this point.

This week I’ll start setting the trays out on the deck during the day and bringing them in at night, to harden them off. I’ll be planting them in about a month, I think (or maybe a little sooner).

I’ll be posting on our garden construction process shortly – beds are built, out, full of dirt, and we are working on drip system sprinklers. However, it’s SNOWING here today {good-old Utah Spring} so I missed my chance to get some pictures taken this weekend. Soon, soon!

Oh, and lest we forget. Today marks Day 1 of the 60 Day Buy-Nothing-New challenge. Woop!


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