ponte pants styling

So I have these Ponte pants. Pontes, if you will. Do you know what Ponte pants are? They are essentially work-appropriate pajamas. They are like leggings, but not as tight or thin. They aren’t slacks. They are more like sleggings. They are straight-leg awesomeness. I want to wear them everyday. I’ve only worn mine with boots and long sweaters/cardigans. But I dream of wearing them every day, not just in the winter.

So here are some non-office options I worked up. Because I also dream of being someone who’s also dressed perfectly for the given situation. Not that many moments of my day call for real style. Let’s just pretend I live a really glamorous life}.

1. School or study. I would wear my Pontes with a baggy tee, cute Army jacket, and Chucks. I could actually replicate this exact outfit, just about.

2. Hip bar-scene rock show. Hello, studded wedges! Add a drapey black shirt, chains, and a bag for the essentials.

3. Weekend drive and picnic with the husband. Comfy flats, graphic and bright accessories for a fun day. I want those earrings!

4. Lunch or coffee with the girls. Some neutrals and a mishmash of funky rings.

5. Farmer’s Market//flea market or some other typical funky//casual setting, calls for a put-together but slubby look, a mandatory tote, and aviators. I should really put a little more style into my busy weekends, even when they are super casual.

How would you (or do you) wear this style?


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