thumbtack lack hack

Disclosure: I totally snagged the following project idea from Pinterest, but I’m posting my version anyway! I love a good IKEA hack, and my old $7.99 Lack tables were really depressing:


So, I found this brilliant blog post, via Pinterest, and it was the perfect thing to do with my lame Friday night watching more Buffy. (:

Here’s a quick how-to {because, it’s pretty obvious, right?} First, put a table upside down.

Then, using 3 inch screws, screw the top of the second table through to the bottom of the legs of the first. The notches will already be there, so you just need a little muscle to push through that fiberboard top. {PS, sorry for crappy phone pictures… I used what was handy}.

You’ll get a cute little Parsons-style cube table that is a legit West Elm hack as-is.

But nailheads are so much fun. However, they are pricy- well over the price of the tables. So, I bought a couple of boxes of silver thumb tacks instead. Here’s my single-row version:

I used a nail and hammer to start the indent, then hammered in each tack. Two episodes of Buffy later, and we have a sexy table. I absolutely love it! Such an improvement, right? Total cost of about $4. Now I’m looking around for other stuff I can work some thumbtack magic on!

I love comparing hack costs to designer versions, so here‘s the “real” version, at $455 each. It’s gorgeous. But so is mine. (:


5 thoughts on “thumbtack lack hack”

    1. Thanks! It was pretty time-consuming, but I feel less guilty watching TV if I’m working on a mindless project. 😉

      1. I like to “do something” while I watch TV also! I love seeing your projects.

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