navy blazer

So, I bought a navy blazer the other day because it just called out to me… I am the perfect blazer! I will make you look to put together and sharp! I will land you a job or a candid on the Glamour “Do” page!

And then I brought it home, and while it IS super flattering, I realized I don’t have the confidence to style a navy blazer. It can go to Ivy League soo quickly. I cannot (and do not want to) pull off Tommy Hilfiger ad. I want to pull off this:

For some reason I have a really hard time carrying off a grown-up style, and blazers can make me look like I am playing dress up – even super cute ones. But since my retail therapy was, in the first place, my “I’ll show ’em” response to not being taken seriously professionally, I tore the tag of the blazer so I couldn’t return it and made myself a collage of outfit ideas. Oh, yeah, take THAT, judgers! That’s right. I Photoshop angry. Be intimidated.

No suits for me, but one grown-up item in an otherwise wearable ensemble is a good start. I shall break it out next week.


6 thoughts on “navy blazer”

  1. you can totally pull it off. it looks adorable!

    But I know what you mean about dressing like a grown up. I still haven’t figured that one out. I always thought someone should just submit me to What Not to Wear and that could be my backstory.

    1. Thanks for the confidence.

      I feel like I need expert help, too! How great would that be? Basically I just need that budget and I could totally do it DIY. 🙂 Let’s nominate each other! We are both going to need to look more unfortunate for our application photos though!

  2. I loooove blazers. I was reading another blog yesterday (I wish I could remember who it was..if i do I’ll send you her URL) and the woman who was behind it stated that blazers are her signature piece. It totes dresses up any casual outfit and kinda gives that “boyish” look to any super girlie piece. I love them and i LOVE your photoshop outfit options. I mayyyyy snag some of your style 🙂

    1. I love them, too, and the funky ones I wear frequently, but the more professional ones I’m totally scared of. I’ve still yet to bust it out but I think I need some items to mix with it so I’m thrift-shopping this weekend!

      Please snag away! That’s what blogs are for! (:

    1. I’ve tried every day this week and keep changing before I leave the house! (: Gotta work on my big-girl remixing!

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