basement project: phase 1

Here’s the latest project we’ve been up to: Phase 1 of the basement project. We had (until now) a completely unfinished basement. This was just our storage and treadmill area. Pretty, eh? This is where I’ve been trying to work up the motivation to spend time 5 days a week.

Here is what that same area looks like now:

Lets take a peek! our new workout area! Isn’t is lovely? Hubby finished it all in his down time and it looks so fantastic!

The TV components are in the closet behind the TV {brilliant!}.

The cantaloupe-colored walls are so cheerful! The flooring is rubber interlocking anti-fatigue mats.

The French doors are my favorite feature! Eventually the unfinished area outside those doors will be a family room/party room. In the plans: wet bar, walkout basement to a patio underneath the deck, and game area. On the other side of the wall on either side of the French doors we are putting built in bookcases for storage and prettiness {the orange outside walls are temporary}. This could be years away, but planning ahead is always productive and fun!

For now, totally loving this cheery space for the treadmill. I have big plans to further spruce it up and make it an inspiring space. I’ll be sure to follow up!


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