make your own laundry soap

I vowed to be frugal this year and listed making my own cleaning products as one goal. Here’s my hack at DIY laundry soap. Loving it!


  • 3 bars Fels Naptha, shredded {can be found at Ace Hardware or Winco, in my area, or online, for about $1 per bar}
  • 3 cup washing soda
  • 3  cup borax powder 
  • Large plastic container


  1. Shred the Fels Naptha using a cheese grater or food processor. My food processor made quick work of this and gave me what looked like a pile of shredded cheese. Awesome.
  2. Mix all ingredients in the bucket.
  3. Use 1/8 cup scoop of the mixture per load of laundry {1/4 scoop if the laundry is very dirty}.


This was suuuper easy and cheap, and smells great {the Fels Naptha has a light scent I really like}. I’ve been using for about a month and except that it looks weird {the grated cheese looking stuff} I really am preferring it to the store bought detergent I was using. No weird ingredients and chemicals and my hubby’s work clothes come out really clean.

Also tried a dishwasher detergent but it wasn’t as successful. It left a little white residue on the dishes so I plan to try another formula when this jar runs out. Anyone else into making their own products like this? Please share if you have a tried-and-true DIY formula!


5 thoughts on “make your own laundry soap”

  1. I made this before when I lived at home. I love the smell and it actually works. I had to shred my soap with a cheese grated and it took forever. Worth it though. I am a little scared to use it with my HE washer. It wasn’t very sudsy though. I have the ingredients waiting for me to make more. I haven’t made any other cleaning detergent yet. I have seen I recipe for mod podge somewhere. I love mod podge so maybe I should try it.

  2. I’m super intrigued by this and have it on my list to try this year as well. We try to use mostly chemical free stuff since my husband has skin issues and has had reactions to some detergents before. Thanks for posting your verdict – that’s what I needed to hear, that your clothes still smell fresh and lovely.

  3. I have made my own 409 cleaner before, it cleaned well and was cheap, but I was missing the smell of clean. I have the recipe for it, if you would like. Also, one thing on a dishwasher I have used is vinegar in place for Jetdry. I know sounds crazy, but it works just as good and is cheaper.

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