inspired by dorm decor?

I was like every other pre-teen girl in 1994, I had pin-ups of Jonathan Tayler-Thomas (what happened to that dude?) and Jonathan Brandis (we know what happened to that one :() on my walls. And then there was my Dennis Rodman/Marilyn Manson shrine phase (my parents are so awesome, they got me a Rolling Stone AND Sports Illustrated subscrip just for my scissor-happy fun.) And then in college it was Smashing Pumpkins posters, decoupage-collages on furniture, and memo boards crammed with photos.

Then I became a grown up that could afford to put things on my walls that didn’t require poster putty. And I felt weird about putting wedding photos out in plain sight. I’m not sure why. It’s just awkward to me.

But, a confession: I completely miss the days when plastering every inch of my walls with personal items was an acceptable way of decorating. I came across this image on Pinterest a while back and it totally inspired me. I guess I am just not ready for a catalog-style home just yet.

I bought this scroll photo holder at Pier One for a measly $8 on sale, and hung it on a sad, blank wall in our hallway.

Then I found same favorite photos on my hard drive, and messed around with all of them in Photoshop. Jacking up the contrast, skewing the colors, aging some, switching a few to black and white, and making some look like Poloroids. I had them printed, then arranged them on the holder.

Nothing fancy. It’s reminiscent of dorm living, but in a good way. And it’s off in a little-traveled-by-guests hallway, so it’s only seen if someone wants to pause and check it out on their way to the loo. (PS: I think we should say “loo” more, don’t you?).

I am kind of a lot excited about something in my house that’s more young and fun {while the lack of push pins ensures it’s more quirky than tacky}. And I can rotate photos as I wish or use it to hold Christmas cards around the holidays. Super functional!

Thoughts? Would you collage-up a wall in your house? What’s your take on decorating with personal photos? Studio-quality only or goofy snapshots are a-ok? Really I’m still torn on the design credibility of this little collage, but we simply do not have that kind of establishment. 🙂 Oh.. and do you know what happened to Jonathan Taylor Thomas?


One thought on “inspired by dorm decor?”

  1. Love the idea! I miss those days of magazine-plastered walls too and agree that putting up wedding pictures is awkward. I’m not sure why, can’t really explain it all, but it just seems weird to me, like I’d be putting up a shrine to my marriage or something.

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