Christmas Wishlist

Hubby and I have a $100 limit on Christmas this year, but one of my favorite traditions is to get all materialistic and make up a things-I-want list every year. It’s one of those things I love to indulge myself with, not expecting any of it. I just really love window shopping! Here’s what’s on my Covet-list right now:

1. A really great day-planner. 2. Victoria’s Secret sports bras and yoga leggings. 3. A pretty and super functional Dutch Oven. 4. An herb garden. 5. A calendar {love this Poloroid one}. 6. Sweater boots {these are from Old Navy}. 7. Tom’s shoes. 8. A recycled coffee sack tote. 9. Vegan cookbooks. 10. Immersion blender. 11. Prepaid belly dancing classes {I’m addicted!!}. 12. A perfect pair of straight leg jeans.

What’s on your wishlist?


4 thoughts on “Christmas Wishlist”

  1. I have that EXACT cast iron dutch oven in porcelain covered blue. It is amazing! I made all my holiday candy in it this year and was so happy I had kicked the clams out for it. You can get em’ pretty cheap at Smith& Edwards!

    1. Hey hey! Thanks for the tip – I’ll have to check Smith and Edwards if Santa doesn’t bring me one. 🙂

    1. Same! I’ve seen oodles of knock-offs around but I really want to support a great company. Saving my pennies! 🙂 Merry Christmas, girlie!

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