ragbag crafty

I have a fun, super quick project for you. I spent last night tidying up my craft closet {actually I moved if from the hallway to the office closet… it was an ordeal} and I found a bag of clothes I was meaning to upcycle {my intentions are so good…}.

So. After the homework, house work, Christmas shopping, working out, etc etc etc this weekend I was determined to at least do one crafty thing with my long weekend. I wanted to make a scarf I could tie around my waist for my belly dancing class this Wednesday {yes – I am taking belly dancing starting this week! – number 22 on my 30 Before 30 list!} but nothing was really going to work out in my stash. So I thought I could just make something cuter to wear to class that would distract from my lack of coordination.

This t-shirt was in the give away pile because it’s just not too flattering on my apple-shaped self {I dub the photo below Red-Not-So-Delicious}, but I love the sleeve-length {usually shirts sleeves way too short after a wash}.

I know. The lack of makeup and the sour expression are so awesome. Ha. Anyway. Not flattering, boring tee that was gonna get tossed into the rag bin or else be reincarnated as something awesome. And quick and no-sew for this lazy gal makes it ever better. Enter the boob-drif:

The point of the boobdrif is really just for a layery look {and looking cute makes it feel less like exercise?}. I could have made a dance shrug but I wanted no-sew. I just hacked off the bottom 12 inches or so. The best thing about jersey fabric is you don’t have to hem it. Just stretch it out. And it does that little roll thing that evens up the uneven cutting and whatnot.

I had this bottom piece left over:

So I cut a few long, thin strips and braided them together like so:

And then took the entire braided length and wrapped it around my head twice, safety-pinning it all together at the intersection. Viola, headband!

Couple notes:

-If you wear stuff like this in public, which I fully intend to, it’s really likely you’ll get asked if you couldn’t afford a whole shirt, or if you hacked it off to save a bad hair day with that matching headband. I happen to like looking like I maybe just pulled things out of the ragbag on my way out the door, so I would just cop to it with a clever grin, yes, yes I am scissor happy – but if you don’t like the look of your clothing held together with knots and safety pins, maybe this blog isn’t for you. 😉


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