warrior weekend

I was awesome at this weekend.

No seriously. I ran in the cold. Twice. And I hate running. And I hate cold. It’s all about the gear, maaaaan♥

And I played with fire. Thanks Amber for the soldering//pipe sweating lesson. I totally feel empowered. Workin’ on a trellis (more to do).

I hacked off my bangs.

I made a kick-ass Pumpkin Spice SOY latte at home.

There was also Stats homework, scary movie-watching,  and guacamole on everything. No Halloween bash, which was becomming a tradition, but I wasn’t feelin’ it this year. Halloween on a Monday means: Marilyn Manson playlist (headphones), pulling out a random costume fro years past (dragonfly?), and potluck. That’ll do, Halloween is still fun when it’s low-key.

What’d ya’ll do with your weekend?


3 thoughts on “warrior weekend”

  1. I ran in the rain this weekend for a Halloween 5k. The cold sucks, but it means I get to come inside and be a bum for the rest of the day and drink hot, delicious things.

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