quick & easy breakfast

I’ve made it a new goal to actually eat breakfast daily. Most of the time that means oatmeal with dried fruit and nuts in it. But this is my favorite new breakfast – a tofu scramble!! This will give you energy to last til lunch and it’s super fast and tasty!


  • Extra firm tofu (1/5 of a block, water pressed out)
  • Vegetables of your choice (in this one I used yellow peppers, tomato and spinach)
  • Salt & pepper (I used garlic salt, too)
  • Hot sauce or salsa


1. Chop chop chop.

2. Saute (if using spinach, put it in right before serving).

3. Serve!

(For anyone who cares, this entire meal pictured is 2 points on Weight Watchers Points Plus). For a little more substance, you could wrap in a tortilla. Totally loving this meal right now!


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