…sometimes, I just feel like sharing bad ass things I find. This is one of those times.

♥ Elsie’s Thrift Tips. You know how people used to camp out for concert tix to go on sale? Once I sidewalk-camped for a Savers half-off sale. Not because it’s necessary like.at.all.. more because I wanted the funny/stupid story. But also because I totally heart thrift shopping that much. I get really eager to switch up my wardrobe in the fall {back-to-school nostalgia?} and this post was well-timed and well-done.

Mari Kasurinen’s sculpting. I’m a child of the 80s and had a boatload of My Little Ponies. How fabulous is this pop-culture-y take on repurposed art? Omlikealot.  This one of Pan is my fav {Frida Kahlo is my close second}!

Veganomicon {the cookbook}. Written by the same gals who run Post Punk Kitchen, this is my fav cookbook lately. Maybe I’ll review it after I really splatter it up with red wine and unrefined coconut oil. I’ve had crazy-good success {ie, husband feedback} on lots of recipes from this cookbook. The chickpea cutlets with mushroom gravy are kick-ass and the recipes are online and linked for ya. Yer welcome.

Mod Podge Rocks {blog}. First, the name “Mod Podge Rocks Blog” happily reminds me of this Arrested Development gag. Good times. Second, this is the best website evah! I hosted a Craft-and-Bitch, mod podge style, last Friday night, and beforehand was searching for inspiration to pass on to those attending. This blog is all you need to get serious ideas flowing. {who still mod podges?}

Capsule Wardrobes. Have you heard of this concept? Essentially it’s a shopping//style concept in which you focus on building a super-versatile wardrobe on astonishingly few crucial pieces. It’s different for everyone {depending on your work wardrobe needs, budget, etc} but it’s built on the idea that we often buy things we don’t wear, and wear to death the things we love. This may kinda-sorta conflict with my thrifting habits, but the minimalist in me totally love this idea and am putting some thought into it now that I’m pushing 30 and feeling the need to sharpen up my style just a little.

That’s what I’m diggin lately – how about you??


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