gallery wall!

I finished this project weeks ago, and can’t believe I am just now blogging about it! So here we are. My gallery wall:

I totally love how it turned out. I already owned everything on this except the bird print, which I found at Hobby Lobby. I sprayed some of those frames black and the mirror was silver {well… it was originally gold}. Here’s what it looks like looking into the entryway.

I didn’t want to create a million nail holes in the walls by assembling it trial and error-style, so I made a template for every frame I was going to use. First I laid the frames on the floor how I wanted them, more or less:

Then one at a time, I traced each frame onto a piece of advertising from my recycle bin and cut each square out. Like the Lowe’s circulars? Perfect. I also punched a little hole right where the picture hanger apparatus was on that particular frame.

I determined where I could hang the mirror {It’s heavy and needed a stud to support it so I was limited}. I hung it on the best located stud for where I wanted my gallery wall to start. Then I arranged the paper squares on the wall, hanging them with little pieces of tape. I moved them around until I liked the arrangement.

Because I had marked where the hangers were, I just pounded nails right into the paper where I marked. Then I ripped off the paper and replaced it with the frame. Nice and easy! I spray painted the sun mirror a couple days later. BAM! Here’s the view from down the hallway:

Totally love it! I love that I can add to it or switch it out as I see fit. And it adds a funky touch to the entryway. Woop woop! Best of all, it only cost me about $15 {$11 for the bird print and $4 for the teal spray paint on the mirror – everything else I had on-hand}. Can’t beat that!


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