summertime – checking in.

How is everyone’s summer?! Mine is just lovely. Highlights: Boating//laying in the park reading//peach bellinis//pink sparkly toes//tree-planting//yoga//eating on the deck//walks//farmers market every Saturday//grilled pizzas and veggie burgers//rose-infused lemonade//spray-painting old stuff to make it new again//camping//house decorating projects//new sunglasses//festivals and crafty vendors//sun-bleached hair//days at the lake//meeting the neighborhood//lots of fireworks//sundresses + headbands//veg cooking//new {to me} county library//hot & sticky skin {yes, I do totally love that}//yard-planning//this song//this book//strange mail from weird places//fresh herbs//inspiring others and being inspired.

It’s been a damn good summer.

And just for fun, here’s my summer covet-list for the remaining weeks. Fun dresses for beating the heat, cute yoga attire, classic khaki shorts, comfy tee, non-leather sandals, and new mirrored aviators to replace mine that broke at the lake! Throw in a concert or 2, a pitcher of margaritas, and a road-trip to round out that list {oh, and an extra couple grand to pay for it all- hehe} and I am one happy girl. {Did I mention daydreaming is my other fav summer activity?}

I hope everyone’s enjoying the sunshine!!


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