28 things that make me happy. a birthday list.

Today’s my 28th birthday, so I thought I would do a fun list of the first 28 things I could think of that make me happy! In no particular order:

1. Sunshine. So cliché. Especially grateful for it after a long winter and rainy spring. There’s nothing better than blue skies and sunshine. Also love that first sunburn of the year!

2. Entertaining. House full of people, laughing, and good food = home.

3. A spontaneous visit, phone call, or email from a friend.

4. Live music. Especially when it’s outdoors. More especially when it’s hot out.

5. Not eating animals. I made this important choice just this year and I feel infinitely happier for it.

6. A really good deal. Like finding something used before I am prepared to pay retail.

7. Dancing!

8. Sticking to a commitment and seeing the results. I get really impatient with myself and really beat myself up when I don’t follow through perfectly with things, but when I get back on the horse and meet a goal, there’s no better feeling in the world!

9. Yoga. Particularly thankful when my wrists allow it. I’ve just gotten back into it and I feel great. That relaxation period at the end – I LIVE for that. It’s so head-clearing. Never fails to amaze me.

10. Travel. Wish I could do a lot more of it.

11. A good before-and-after transformation. Of a yard, a room, a person’s weight-loss; I LOVE to see something or someone made over. Everything and everyone has so much potential.

12. Cooking in general, especially trying new recipes and chopping veggies.

13. Blogs (of the design/fashion/DIY variety). They are FREE. And I love that real people are setting trends. So much inspiration.

14. Color. Lots of color!

15. Holding babies. Or puppies.Kinda same dif. 😛

16. Hummingbirds. They are so funny and weird.

17. Thinking of the perfect gift for someone.

18. Waking up when I’m ready to wake up. No alarm clock or garbage truck!

19. Hugs. Good ones. (Those lifeless ones are such a letdown, aren’t they?).

20. Old ladies in giant hats.

21. Those occasional, casual recommendations from a friend. Music, books, restaurant, etc. I love discovering new things, and I love when people think to pass it on when they discover something great!

22. Cheesecake. Only like once a year but it’s my fave.

23. Painting things.

24. Real, inspirational and/or funny women.

25. Woody Allen movies.

26. Dogs. They really are the best.

27. Making things. I don’t do crafty things nearly enough. I feel the most like myself when I’m spending some time making crafty messes.

28. Planning fun things. Vacations. Weekend fun. Paint colors. Flower gardens.

…those are just for starters. What’s on your list?


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