the master bedroom (so far)

We’ve actually managed to finish painting our house (amidst lots of other projects). But it takes me some time to make a room post-worthy! I can’t do one room at a time for some reason. But the Master bedroom is finally in a place where I think it’s close to show-ready. Remember I was trying to decide on a teal wall color? Welp, that we did.

I absolutely love it! It’s moody, a little gawdy, and very cozy. Everything pops against it and makes even our cheap-o furnishings and DIY headboard look a little more luxe.

I’m surprised how easy the teal is to work with. It doesn’t really clash with anything! Unlike some greens I know… I feel like this teal is flattering against everything. And the dark color didn’t close in the room at all since it’s a really large room. With the bright white ceilings, trim and curtains, it doesn’t feel cave-like.

I am loving this little corner of the room. We have such a large bathroom, I was planning to take down some mirrors, hang smaller ones, and utilize some wall space for jewelry and other girly things; a sorta-vanity, but I decided to leave the mirrors up and just utilize dresser space for the beads and bangles. They just look so pretty! {this is maybe 1/10th of the jewelry I have. The rest is hiding in that trunk in little bags and boxes.)

The master bath is newly painted, but not much else has been done yet. I am working on repurposing a little medicine cabinet that was hanging in the other bathroom when we moved in. I would like to make a small shelf out of it for the countertop to hold perfume and things.

There you have it! More house progress pictures to come!


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