bedroom inspiration – teal for real

Our last house was mainly greens and earth tones and white. Springy, maybe. I really liked it, and springy green is my favorite color ever. But the new house is NOT white and it’s going to necessitate venturing out to a new style of decor. How depressing is that? I joke. I AM SOOO EXCITED.

In the main living areas, everything’s pretty open and the ceilings are vaulted in places. ie, these are not rooms we are going to want to have to repaint too often. It will be an ordeal. So I’ll be sticking with a tanish hue for those areas and adding color with the accessories. The bedrooms, however, I will get to have some fun with. I wanted something new and bold in the master bedroom, because the room is quite large. Remember, here’s what we are working with:

I thought a nice, deep color would make it feel very cozy, and since everything in it is neutral, some color would really help liven up the place. I think I’m going to go with a funky teal, and have been digging up some inspiration.

I like this because it’s dramatic and trendy, but still easy and casual. Teal really looks awesome with some yellow accessories. Source.

This would take GUTS, but I love it, especially with that chock-full gallery wall and stripey bedding – so fun! Source.

This softer version might be nice. No pink, though. Source.

And of course, my favorite bloggers’ new guest room. I love the way they used bright colors to make everything really pop against the dramatic wall color. It’d be easy to switch it out on a whim. Source.

What do you guys think? Diggin the teal?


2 thoughts on “bedroom inspiration – teal for real”

  1. I absolutely love teal. It’s one of my favorite colors and there are tons of bright colors that look great with it.

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