new digs, 1 week in

One week ago today we closed on our new place. By Wednesday night we had everything moved in {in complete disarray, but still, it was in}. Thursday night we closed on our old home and handed over the keys. Talk about luck with the timing, and talk about good fortune to have such awesome families to help us clean the place, move out, move back in, and already start taking on yard projects. Thanks a TON, everyone.

And finally, if your curious to see how we’ve been living for the last week, here’s kinda the general idea … as you can see, it’s plain and oddly arranged, but only because I have big, big plans! So, here’s me keeping it real for ya! ;):

Kitchen/living area – Loving the new appliances {LG fridge, Kenmore gas range and microwave}. Bamboo blinds I wanted turned out to be stupid-expensive, so we went with the faux wood. No biggie. Notice how the left half of the room is light/white and the other is dark/heavy? Gonna change that by doing some spraypainting of the kitchen table and such, eventually. BTW, whole house is getting a paint job. Main living areas will be a light tannish/greyish. Greige. Whatever. New light-fixture picked out – just gotta hit the order button. Loving the island for cooking – I feel so spoiled!

Bedroom – it’s way giant! We can totally afford to paint some nice bold color. Like a really deep jade or maybe a soft but brightish turquiose? Can’t decide. This room will be really fun to fix up. Can’t wait!

Office – That desk is pulled out from the wall there so it’s actually a really large room, swearsies. I already got the go-ahead and make myself a craft-room-in-a-closet in this room. Can’t wait to tackle that one, maybe later in the summer. Yippee!!!

How very Donna Reid of me, but I love having a laundry room! This is the mudroom area from the garage as well. PERFECT for us. My husband’s got a dirty job!

GIANT bathroom. There’s also a glassed-in shower over to right.

Oh yeah, and check out the yard situation. Yah, I freaking love that deck. The rest of the yard’s a mess. We will be putting in a new sprinkler system and ripping out the grass and re-seeding it! We have some side-gates to install, a shed to build, and RV pad to put in. Phew. Good thing by “we” I mostly mean Jonathan and his dude crew {while I supervise). Cuz that list makes me tired. J and Shane are already hard at work on the RV pad.

Hoping to do some posts with more detail on each project as we go!


2 thoughts on “new digs, 1 week in”

  1. Looks like you guys are settling in pretty well. I love those first few weeks moving into a new place where you’ve got all sorts of little projects lined up that make such big differences. Looking forward to seeing more of the house & how you make it yours!

  2. I love it too – it’s the best time ever. I have to be ok with being patient though! That’s the hardest part. But it’s great because I’m learning how we are going to be using the house and thus what makes the most sense for us. Thanks much!

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