planning the new place, vol. 1: kitchen//dining//living

It’s a ways off I’ll be full-on staging the new place with anything other than what we already own, but a girl can dream! My favorite thing about moving shortly is scheming about how I’m going to arrange/decorate the place and to make fun plans for the yard! It {literally} keeps me up at night.

I’ve been thinking about how to make the kitchen/dining/living area feel airy and open and cohesive {it’s all one big area} while still using a lot of what we have. For reference, here’s what the kitchen looks like:

We are going to paint the whole place a soft gray/tan, lighter than what is currently there. I plan to hang bamboo shades on the windows with the exception of over the kitchen sink, where I want to do a fun patterned roman shade. I think I can make one myself. We already ordered new appliances in stainless steel, which I think will make it much lighter/brighter than black while still blending better than white {is it weird I still love white best?}. I also plan to hang a white drum pendant over the kitchen table {replacing that current fixture}.

We currently have black leather couches I want to blend in/lighten up with some lighter accessories. Eventually the couches will be downstairs and we will get something new for the living room.

That in mind, here’s what I’m kinda thinking:

Beachy blues and glassy greens, some natural wood accessories in the living/dining areas to kind of blend in all that wood in the kitchen. Black pieces here and there to blend the couches and kitchen counters but not suck the light out of the place. I’ve already got a lot of items I can use and revamp, and can buy an old chair to recover to kind of steal the look of the ikat slipper chair above. The fixture I want it from CB2 and a steal at $50, so that might be a right-away purchase.

We close Monday morning then it’s ours! (: (:


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