moving/house sale update

Lack of post excuses:

  1. I prematurely packed my camera cord {true story!} and I hate a post without a photo or 2!
  2. I’m a believer in that whole not counting your chickens thing.

… But… Things are rolling right along with the move. And I think we are close enough I think it’s safe to tell…our house is SOLD! Ok, not sold sold, but under contract. Inspection, appraisal, everything’s dunzo but the closing, which will be April 21. Huzah!

We are feeling so, so lucky that the timing could not have been better. We will have justenough time to move our stuff into the house (which happens a week from today by the way) and do a quick clean of the old one before transferring it over to the new owners (sniff!), leaving us with only one house payment AND giving us a nice bit of equity to reimburse our savings for the down payment we put down.

I couldn’t really give many tips on how to sell a home by owner, even if this whole things works without a hitch, because I really feel ours was a combination of timing and price and pretty fliers. Because we sold our home without a realtor, we were able to price more competitively than the many other homes for sale in our area. And the buyers were looking for something just like ours- our floor plan is kind of unique to the Utah suburbs.

Not only did we DIY our home sale {with a little help from our family}, we are DIYing the move, too (with a LOTTA help from our family). All of our possessions are being moved into a conveniently located {driveway} enclosed trailer {Jonathan’s company owns it} while we clean behind ourselves.

I’ve already prematurely boxed up eleventy things I’ve had to make-do without. I wanted to do an even bigger mass-cleanout/pare-down before moving but it’s tricky. So my new plan is to have a housewarming-slash-take-my-stuff party where I gather it all up and hand it out to who wants it!

I love checklists, but all the moving checklists I find online are for those movers who hire out everything. So I made my own. Here’s what’s left on the move:

  • Use up freezer/fridge contents, cleaning supplies, etc. as much as possible
  • Finish packing/labeling/moving all boxes and furnishings to trailer
  • Request moving help from friends and family
  • Change address with
  • Cancel utilities for the day after moving out
  • Set up utilities for new home day prior to moving in
  • Change address on all services such as internet, cell phone, magazine subscriptions, Netflix, etc
  • Change address with the IRS
  • Change address with bank and order new checks
  • Update insurance policies
  • Clean walls and floors for new owners
  • Clean oven/fridge/dishwasher and microwave for new owners
  • Take lots of pictures of the new place before we do anything to it {before-and-after photos are important!}

After moving in:

  • Change address with DMV and apply for new Driver License
  • Change address with employer

{And the fun stuff}:

  • Send out change-of-address cards to friends and family {we’ll just see if I really get around to it…}
  • Meet the neighbors! {Silly checklist item but a real goal of mine is to get to know the people in my neighborhood this time!}
  • Get to know the ‘hood – find out the best place for grocery shopping, when garbage pickup is, and where to take Sadie for walks {trails?}
  • Plan a housewarming party for early summer!
  • Make a yard plan!

Am I forgetting anything?

Well that’s what we’ve been up to. Sad to leave… but can’t wait to post about the new place. (:


6 thoughts on “moving/house sale update”

  1. Let me know what we can do to help! Alan and I are more than willing to help you pack up and move:) We have a truck and trailer we can bring along. Congratulations!!!

    1. Thanks hun! We will be moving next week – yeah, during the week. Inconvenient for everyone. 😦 But we would love for you guys to come visit us soon!! We’ll grill! I miss you!!

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