30 minute kitchen switch-up

You know the post-holiday depression people get? I have a theory that it’s directly linked to boxing up the shiny objects around the house, unplugging the little lights, and realizing how bare a living room is without a big ol’ tree in it. My house was looking so sad after the post-holiday tear-down, except for the pretty new chair cushions I got as a Christmas gift (thanks, mom n’ dad!). See?:

A morning of “shopping around my house” and compiling all my cookbooks left me with some pretty results to admire:

And cleaning up some cupboards made cabinets worthy of a snap or two. Here’s a before and after:

And the other skinny shelf contained cookbooks, but I forgot the before shot… here’s the cleaned up after, though. All meds/first aid supplies in one place, appliance manuals /little cookbooks in another group.

My candle miscellany in one box {on the bookshelf above}…..

… which left me an empty cabinet for vases:

Recap: these things were once scattered around and jumbled up, but no longer!:

  • Meds and first aid supplies
  • Vases
  • Cookbooks
  • Large spices/baking supplies
  • Candles

Ahhhhh. Don’t you totally want to tackle your own organizing project rightthissecond? You know you do.


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