stuff 1 heart sunday – vol. 3: office supplies

Since I’m starting another class tomorrow, I thought it was a good time for a post honoring one of my favorite guilty pleasures – office supplies! I am such a sucker for little notebooks, colorful pens, paper organizing systems, planners/calendars/to-do lists… I love them! When I cleaned out my office closet a couple months ago, I discovered about 30 little notepads {which are now all in one place so I don’t feel like I need to buy more any time soon, but I will want to!}. My all-time favorite thing is a new Sharpie. I love to doodle on everything. I even made our Halloween photo booth by doodling with a GIANT SHARPIE. They are classic and work on everything.

My other obsession is my day planner. I’ve been carrying the same red Franklin Covey planner for about 4 years. I love it. It’s fat with info, coupons, notes, doodles, lists, calendar, post-it reminders, etc. I write my resolutions/goals, keep track of what I buy and what I want to buy, and make lists of everything and keep it all in that book. I am terrified of losing it so it’s always in my purse which means my purse weights 15lbs and any that I buy have a size requirement to fit my day planner.

How about you, any other office supply junkies?


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