crank it to ’11


I hope 2010 ended on a great note for you. I know mine did. I got my Christmas decor put away and the house spruced up, picked up some pretty little things at Pier One with the gift card I got from my boss for Christmas, and spent some time relaxing with a good book. Had a deeeliscious dinner at home {homemade pizza} with my husband, then a party at Casa Medina where we rang in the new year with a glass of bubbly.

Wednesday I posted a little tribute to 2010 – it really was a pretty great year, and I have EVEN BETTER vibes about 2011!

You may know, I am a committed resolution-maker! And I’m a pretty good resolution-keeper, even. Though for 2010’s I was only about 50%… I’m taking a trip early in 2011 {so I’m counting it! – it was paid for in 2010!}, I didn’t go swimming, host a girls night or have a clothing swap. The year really got away from me, but I haven’t scrapped those ideas altogether- I’ll carry them to the new year cuz they are still things I want to do!

I like to make goals that are practical/productive, and goals that are just plain fun/silly {because sometimes we forget to do fun things and life gets in the way! I fully believe some people have to schedule out their fun, and I’m one of those people!} My hopes for 2011 are that I can live with less while having more fun!

So, here’s the {practical/boring/measurable} list for 2011:

  • Save money – {note, I am writing down actual dollar amounts, but don’t want to post them on here} one amount each month in our savings account, and another amount in a vacation fund. It’s split up to a certain manageable amount from each paycheck so I will remember.
  • Pay off $1,200 of my student loans {that would be 10%- yeah, I know…} I’ve set up a Gmail alert to remind me of this each month.
  • Lose 10lbs from today’s weight {again, I wrote this elsewhere!}
  • Take 5 classes for my MBA {that will leave me with 4 left for 2012}

And the {FUN} projects for 2011:

  • Try/learn 12 new things, and post about them. Not necessarily one per month but that’s obviously what it works out to. Ideas include: origami, French braiding, seed-starting, kick-boxing, knitting, water-skiing… we’ll see what I feel like doing that month!
  • The 365 photo project. One photo a day to document my year. Can be me, or someone else, or where ever I am or whatever I’m working on each day. Might be with a cell phone camera, in a photo booth, or taken by someone else, but each day will have some part of it captured, even if it’s just the latte I’m drinking or a sign with bad grammar I find hilarious or a rain puddle. I will upload them to Flickr {likely more like a weekly or bi-weekly batch than daily, but there will be a photo to represent every single day} and I think it will be a really fun way to remember another great year! {PS I ordered myself an Holgawood – Merry Christmas, self! – and it should be coming any day now. CAN’T WAIT!}

What do you all have planned for the new year? ♥


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