The Christmas Haul + Out With the Old

I hope that everyone had a fabulous Christmas! Ours was lovely. We were very, very spoiled. And I believe that shiny new things hand-picked and gifted to us deserve a special place in my home, which means I use the holiday season as a time for decluttering.

Hubs asked me for Black Ops for the Playstation 3 {which he’s been glued to since Friday evening, by the way}. I scored a “deal” by selling some movies and television shows on DVD that we never, ever watch, to our local Mega Media Store, then picked up the game with mostly store credit. The best part is a cleaned out media cabinet which means the new game, and the new controller I put in his stocking, too, fits nicely in its home with room to spare.

Christmas was very good to me, too: I got a pretty, shiny new radio for my car with an iPod connection {hooray!}. Out with the stack of mixed CDs I’ve been piling up in my car for years, in with one sleek device, plus more usage out of my iPod.

We both received lots of other nice gifts that will all have a place to go, because my goal is to get rid of 100 things by the end of the year. I’m counting the DVDs I sold, the CDs in my car, and the VHS tapes I will be mailing off to GreenDisk among the other things I’m finding new homes for.

Here’s the list of what’s going {or has already gone}:

  • Burned mixed CDs from my car – tossed
  • 15 DVD movies and television series – sold
  • 22 VHS tapes – shipped to GreenDisk
  • 2 old cell phones – shipped to GreenDisk
  • 4 old cell phone charges – shipped to GreenDisk
  • 1 non functioning iPod car adapter – shipped to GreenDisk
  • 1 DVD player we got “free with purchase” – given to brother-in-law for kid’s room
  • 1 plastic margarita pitcher and cups – donated
  • 1 travel coffee mug {who needs 3?} – donated
  • 2 plastic sports water bottles – tossed
  • 2 random mugs – donated
  • 2 pairs of shoes – donated
  • 1 pair of gladiator sandals – tossed
  • 25 {approx} clothing items – donated
  • 6 ratty tanks and tees – tossed
  • Socks – tossed
  • 1 belt – tossed
  • 1 huge supply of #2 pencils (??) – donated to a school teacher friend
  • Misc office supplies like binders – donated to a school teacher friend
  • Makeup pared down – tossed
  • Hair products pared down – tossed
  • Canned and boxed food items pared down – donated to Food Pantry
  • Magazines and catalogs – recycled
  • Old college papers – recycled
  • 4 product boxes from crawl space – recycled {saved some for moving in the future}
  • 1 old digital camera and its components – given to a friend
  • Misc paperbacks – given to a friend
  • Misc cooking magazines and cookbooks – given to a friend
  • 3 misc Christmas ornaments – packed away in the gift wrapping supplies to be used as package décor next year {I’m counting it because it’s repurposing for gifting}
  • 1 broken lamp – tossed
  • 1 old bed pillow – tossed
  • 2 Christmas candle holders – donated
  • 1 candle holder / plate – donated
  • 1 wooden sketching dummy
  • 1 laptop messenger bag
  • 8 bottles from the stash of liquor left from party guests over the years – gifted to a friend who entertains
  • 7  reusable grocery bags that have seen better days {the woven ones don’t hold up in the washing machine…} – tossed {I don’t feel too guilty, I used them religiously for 2 years and I’m making new ones}.
  • 1 stash of misc stationary – donated
  • Fleece remnants – donated

That’s already 128 items {even though I’ve counted many dejunking sprees as 1 item {but really included 3 tubes of mascara, tweezers, and 5 lipsticks, for example}. I’ve also held on to some lesser used items to give to my brother when he gets a place of his own {though by then he will likely have accumulated better things than I have!}. It’s rather hard for me to part with the more useful things. Maybe if they are still hanging around by next year I’ll be getting rid of those, too.

This stuff is mostly rounded-up and on its way out of our casa. I will be dropping off the massive donation on Sunday and the recycling before then. Great way to kick off the new year – with a little less clutter, a little more space, and a big feeling of accomplishment! I’ll post the final dejunking tally this weekend!


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