10 awesome salads

Here’s a list I made up of  my 10 favorite, ridiculously good salads for healthy low-carb livin’. Seriously, a diet is NOT a bummer when you’re eating creative, fresh stuff {no Lean Cuisines!}.

1. Spinach + apple + dried cranberries + feta cheese + walnuts & raspberry vinaigrette

2. Lettuce + kalamata olives + cherry tomatoes + cucumber + red onion + feta cheese & balsamic vinaigrette

3. Spinach and arugula + apple + blueberries + mandarin orange slices & a poppy seed dressing, sprinkled with cinnamon

4. Lettuce + grilled chicken or shrimp dusted with chili powder + shredded cheddar + olives + tomatoes & ranch/cilantro/lime juice

5. Lettuce + shrimp + avocado + cucumber & a dressing of olive oil, white vinegar and Dijon mustard

6. Lettuce or cabbage + grilled chicken + mandarin oranges + toasted almonds & sesame seeds & a sesame dressing

7. Iceberg lettuce + crumbled bacon + tomatoes + cucumbers & chunky bleu cheese

8. Lettuce +/-  kale + sliced pear + walnuts + Gouda & olive oil/sherry vinaigrette

9. Lettuce + boiled egg + prosciutto + red onion + tomatoes & ranch

10. Cubed watermelon + chopped mint leaves + feta cheese + red onion + kalamata olives & olive oil/lemon juice/salt/pepper


4 thoughts on “10 awesome salads”

  1. I love salad. Could eat it every day. And the husband, who used to hate salad, has finally come around to loving salad since he’s seen the light and realized it doesn’t have to be boring and only contain lettuce, tomatoes, and a sad looking cucumber slice. Inventive salads are very much the staple of our weekly meal plans.

    1. wish my hubs would eat a salad. it’d keep me more on track if we could eat the same thing!!! 😛 please share any yummy ones you have with me! always looking for new recipes.

  2. i’m not a salad guy, truthfully, but even by my standards those look good! might have to give those a spin.

    AFTER thursday … 🙂

    ooh. speaking of, guess who’s going to vegas for the week. go ahead. i’ll give you a hint. currently, you are reading his ranting. it’s a photographer’s dream come true.

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