under the spell of the full november moon

I love love love discovering new music. I saw the Eels play a GREAT show in October, and the opener was the uber-talented, unknown to me at the time, Jesca Hoop. Similar vein to Imogene Heap or Regina Spektor with a very haunting voice and artistic arrangement. A work friend of mine gifted me her latest album {he was at the show, too} and it’s been my soundtrack for 5 days straight. The album is called Hunting my Dress and it’s so perfectly FALL. Even my husband, who’s not very open-minded to female artists, said so. This music fits fall. Word.

{PS, I think this video is so, so beautiful. Can someone set up a complete costume and makeup day? I could use some gold body paint in my life.}


One thought on “under the spell of the full november moon”

  1. I love going to see bands I love only to discovering they’re with an opening act I love as well but have never heard of.

    And you’re exactly right – this music is absolutely fall.

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