a happy happy birthday!

My momma:

  1. Awesome cook!
  2. Has mad dancing skillZ and rhythm πŸ˜›
  3. Total social liberal – yay! And patriotic citizen.
  4. I take after her looks-wise!
  5. Is the president of a quilt guild.
  6. Likes the Beattles.
  7. Says funny words, like “hidee-ho! and “peeps” !! HEHEHE
  8. Perfect teeth. πŸ˜€
  9. Keeps a perfectly tidy house.
  10. Just got her first pedicure this year {with me!}
  11. Calls Sadie her Grand-doggy.
  12. Makes be-autiful quilts.
  13. Ran me and my brother around to activities, cooked us dinner every day, bought us anything we needed and wanted for educational/creative purposes (even the 100 box of crayons!), kept a spiffy house and made our childhood FUNNN!
  14. Likes to sing and whistle!
  15. Total home-body {I tend to get that way myself}!
  16. Reads as much as I wish I did.
  17. Workout dedicated and health conscious.
  18. Supported and encouraged my weirdness. Ha.
  19. Loves to have the family around.
  20. Turns 60 today!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MOM!!!!! Love you lots!!

2 thoughts on “a happy happy birthday!”

  1. Oh, thank you Kellie. You are the sweetest girl ever, you’ve made my life so special. All these nice things you have said make me forgive you for using this bad picture of me on your blog!!! HaHa.

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