operation: get hot. hawaii-bound edition.

Husband and I are taking a trip to Hawaii this winter (end of January)! I am soooo excited. It’s only 10 weeks away! Perfect inspiration I need to get looking great.

Wear a bikini in public, and go on a tropical vacation are on my list of 30 things to do before I turn 30! Here we go… Operation: Bikini Body begins tomorrow!

My measurable goal is to lose 15lbs. That is 1.5lbs/week. I’m going to do it (I hope) by cutting out sugars and starches {or keeping them to very minimal, anyway}, loading up on water, and hitting the gym 4 days a week.

I always turned up my nose at the low-carb thing in the past because I’d only heard the extreme version. The kind that doesn’t allow apples, the kind that includes snacks like cream cheese covered pork rinds. Blegh! But I’ve done a little research on how it can be done in a very healthy way without eliminating carbs but cutting way, way back on pasta, rice, potatoes and bread. You know, the good stuff.

I chose the low-carb approach for a couple reasons:

  1. I have been cutting back on them ANYWAY because I’ve pegged them as what’s making me feel sick after I eat.
  2. With junk around the holidays, I’m much more successful at saying NO to all of it rather than try to do it in moderation.
  3. I don’t have to give up cheese. Ha!
  4. It’s doable because I love salads and soups, and it can be done very healthfully without subbing in red meats and processed foods with a little planning. It’s how I eat ANYWAY when I’m not being naughty {which is way too often…}. Just need to plan better.

Because my goals require lots of planning to stay on track, I made myself a little weekly menu & workout planner. I will work one up each Saturday for the week ahead, including meals and workouts, being flexible around my schedule.  Like so:

I’ll make my grocery list from this and it will keep me ahead of the game in lots of ways. For example, today I have chicken tortilla soup in the crock pot for a couple meals throughout the week, I’ll know to boil eggs for a chef salad the day before, etc. Dishes that take time are reserved for weekends and nights I won’t be spending as much time in the gym. And I’ll leave Sundays open, as we generally eat dinner at either my parent’s house or my inlaw’s house.

I don’t imagine Week 1 will go perfectly or that this will necessarily be the format for coming weeks. Right now I’m just diving in and getting my body used to life without pasta and back on a regular gym schedule. I’ll track my progress in the last box and keep a total of lbs lost, similar to Weight Watchers, so you can see your overall progress even if one week the scale doesn’t budge. That total lbs lost will still remind me that I’ve made a dent! I plan to also do a before and after bikini shot but that will absolutely NOT end up on the Internet. 😉

Look out for a weekly update on this for the next ten… yikes! Hope I don’t drive you all insane. 😉 I need the blog for the accountability so be patient (and encouraging!) please. And if anyone wants to join my 10 week challenge (whatever it takes to make it fun!) please let me know and I will cheer you along, too!


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