office closet cleanout

I was a cleaning and organizing MACHINE this weekend. Just in time, too, cuz I am feeling like I might be coming down with something today. Uhoh!

Welp, here’s one of the completely gratifying projects I took on this weekend. The office closet. Yuck. It became the landing place for old phones, cords, boxes, etc. I’d actually taken many boxes away for recycling before the “before” picture because I wasn’t planning on posting anything when I first began. Anyway. Here is the unsightly before shot – ACK!:

On the right there are my old prom dresses and a couple bridesmaid dresses. Really. I just haven’t been able to part with them for some reason! So finally I created a “costume box” for all my weird stuff like this, crazy shoes I can’t wear except maybe for an hour as part of a costume. It’s tucked away in the crawl space now by the Halloween junk, yay!

I took out everything and sorted away. More cords and such to send to Green Disk. I grouped things together in plastic drawers, like the million notepads I found:

Here’s the after:

That blue bin on top of the drawers is stuff for recycling so the day I round it all up I can just collect from the office, too.

One more shot. Ahh. I love opening these doors and admiring my work. (:


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