organized DVD cabinet

I’m making over little sections of our family room at a time. First that back wall got a bit of a re-do. Then some old lamps got spruced up to introduce some needed flair. Yesterday I culled the scary DVD cabinet! This was a pretty non-functional, sad little space 24 hours ago:


So I took everything out. We had about 30 VHS movies… what? So, I removed the jackets from them for our recycle bin, and put the rest in a box to ship off to Green Disk. {YTD, I still have more to add to the box}. Put all the wayward disks back in their cases, then I sorted out all the DVDs we no longer watch {I checked with hubby on his first} for a “to sell” pile. Or give away. Whichever. Also YTD.

I purchases a DVD basket at Target for $7.99. In went all the TV seasons on DVD. After everything was back neatly, here’s the result!:

Gotta love the feeling of opening a once-frightening cabinet and seeing everything tidy {and being able to find what you need!}. Anyone else taking on any sprucing up projects?

Today I took the day off from work and, among other things, tackled 3 other scary spaces that are now lovely and neat. I will post later on that because the double shot of espresso is finally wearing off.


2 thoughts on “organized DVD cabinet”

  1. I really need to do something like this. My DVD cabinet is an epic disaster. I don’t think I’ve got any VHS tapes laying around though…

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