lamp revamp

I’m still in the middle of prettifying our basement {DIY is cost-effective, but takes some time!}. One thing I’ve been meaning to do forever is find new lamps. We were using some really tiny ones that were lost near those big’ ol couches and on those big ol’ IKEA Lack tables. But lamps are EXPENSIVE! The ones I liked were upwards of $100 each once you bought the shades. Ouch. If I were going to spend $200 I would buy furniture. But I was totally inspired by some other bloggers out there who revamped some old flea market lamps and the like {I heart Google image searches!!!}. So I hit my favorite salvage shop {where I bought the chair I painted last weekend} and found these beauties for a measly couple dollars:

I liked the shapes and if my house were decorated a little more eclectically I’d have left them as-is {cleaned up and with a new shade o’ course}. Because… they are kinda awesome! But I hit them with some gloss white spray paint instead.

And obviously gussied them up with pretty new shades {Lowes}, but only after making a valiant attempt to recover the existing ones. Spray glue plus fabric on a lamp shade is NOT easy and NOT fun. And even if they looked decent I’d have tossed em’ cuz I couldn’t get the musty smell out by vacuuming and Lysoling. Some things are just not meant to hang on to.

Totally love them! LOVE them. In the words of Brick Tamland, I love lamp.

Next I’m tackling the DVD collection disaster and finally sending off the VHS tapes for recycling! {Can you believe we still have some?}


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