27 of 30

Kellie’s list of reasons why this is going to be a great week:

1. I have the day OFF, PAID, cuz it’s a holiday.Woohoo! 4 day week!

2. My Business Law class wraps up Wednesday!

3. The 30/30 remix wraps up Thursday!

4. MY JOB wraps up Friday! I got a new gig at my same company and I start on Monday, the 18th!!! I am very excited!

Necklace ————-> Forever 21


2 thoughts on “27 of 30”

  1. yay!! congrats about the new job. I’m so excited for you! (But I hope it means you still have time to email…. selfish as always.)

    1. thanks! and maybe not at first {but i’ll still email ya from home}. i think i’m gonna totally love it!

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