20 of 30

I wore leggings today, for the first time ever {in public}. I was totally nervous about it because:

1. WWFGS? {What would the Fug Girls Say?}

2. It’s not 2004 and I don’t work at Wet Seal.

3. I work with people who wouldn’t be making Lohan jokes. Maybe Flashdance jokes. And yep, there were some.

4. With HEELS, no less? Not even boots to cover up the bottom and make people wonder if maybe they were just heavy tights? Oh no. I went balls-out.

And you know what? THEY ARE AWESOME. It was like wearing yoga pants all day. And they kept me toasty in the office. Even though I was asked if I’m a maniac, maniac? I will totally wear them again.


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