chair makeover and a bit o’ Halloween treatment

Another quick before-and-after post, AKA the miracle of paint. I scored this chair from a junk shop. It says $15 on it, but I only paid $5. Niiiiice. I was going to fill in the flower design with some wood filler, but I decided to leave it for now.

I removed the screws holding on the cushion and gave it a wipe down with a wet rag and two coats of spray paint {Rustoleum Gloss Black}. After vacuuming and applying several liberal applications of Lysol, I covered the existing cushion with some fabric I already had leftover from something else.

Here it is in my entry way, which has been swanked up for Halloween with some raven silhouettes I printed onto regular old paper {to temporarily replace what was already in those IKEA frames}. Remember I said I was doing Halloween on the cheap this year? See, I said that. Today. This little Halloween nook cost me $5 and a bit of spray paint. {It needs a pumpkin sitting on the floor, no? Oh well, this ain’t no Pottery Barn catalog.}

This is a great example of how some ugly surface features don’t really matter; just find things with a shape you like, and cover it with paint {kinda like my awesome hall table}! I also remodeled some lamps this weekend, but I really hate the shades, so once I find the right ones I’ll be posting on that!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and it milking the last few hours! I’ll be catching up on wardrobe posts tomorrow, and sharing the rest of the Halloween decor I’ve been working on later in the week!


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