13 of 30

This weather! Is amazing! ….ly hot. And, I don’t want to complain about it because this is the June we didn’t have this year. But it’s totally jacking up my plans for this wardrobe challenge. I didn’t plan for it to be 90 degrees on September 27th. Silly me. So, this outfit didn’t go as planned. This dress (yep, it’s a dress) is too short for the office so I’d planned leggings underneath. It’s much to hot for leggings so I folded the top part of the dress under and made it a skirt and belted it at my hips (so, long enough and the fabric bulk was contained) and wore it with a tank.

But then… cuz this seems a bit edgy for the office, I ended up wearing a cardigan. Luckily it was 60 degrees inside the office … for once it worked out for me.

Belt ————> TJ Maxx

Necklace ——–> Forever 21


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